The Most Common Types of HVAC System

Any HVAC system is very easy to use. The moment you want it to bring warmth to your residential or commercial property, you can simply move its temperature up. When you like to cool your house or office during hot summer months, you can simply lower it. However, do you really know your HVAC system’s ins and outs? A lot of homeowners are actually unaware regarding with the kind of system that they have installed in their residential or commercial property. While this might seem not totally important, it is actually vital when repairing the appliance or seeking repairs.   

HVAC System 

Thus, in order to make sure that you will learn more about your HVAC system, let us start with the basics. Here is a glimpse at the different heating and cooling systems in your residential or commercial property.  

Cooling and Heating Split Systems 

As a matter of fact, the most commonly found heating and air conditioning units in most residential and commercial properties are split systems. They are also often found in a lot of houses. These traditional air conditioning and heating systems actually contain components that are both outside and inside of your home.   

In this system, every part of the HVAC system operates together in order to make sure that your house reaches your desired temperate throughout the year. Even though some homeowners might have addition humidifiers or air purifiers added on, most systems actually contain the same parts.  

Furthermore, every split system also has an air conditioner, which helps to cool a furnace, the refrigerant, an evaporator or a fan order to circulate and convert air, a thermostat and air ducts. Whether your house is large or small, a split HVAC system is really a simple way in order to maintain the air temperature as well as stay comfortable.  

Hybrid System 

Basically, split hybrid HVAC systems are now on the rise among residential property owners. In addition to that, while these hybrid systems are just like the conventional split systems, there is actually one key difference. Aside from that, the hybrid HVAC system also gives residential property owners the option that they can switch their heat pumps in order for it to be fueled by electricity instead of using gas. Furthermore, the hybrid system also contains a heat pump in order to help cool and heat the refrigerant as needed, an evaporator coil, furnace, thermostat and air ducts.   

Ductless Systems 

As a matter of fact, not all HVAC units require ducts. In houses where installing ducts is not an option, a ductless HVAC system can be installed in order to make sure that the temperature you desire is still possible. In addition to that, ductless systems can also vary in vary in size. Just like other systems, ductless HVAC systems also contain a thermostat, fan coil, and a heat pump. Aside from that, ductless systems can also utilize tubing and wires in order to connect a refrigerant to an outdoor unit. Whether you have a hybrid or a packaged system, it is really important that you know your HVAC system well.  

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