5 Common Dog Health Problems

Dogs are said to be man’s best friend for a reason. They are our loyal companion wherever we go. We’ve seen many service dogs working on military, rescue teams and psychological treatments. They are unique pets and we are lucky to have companions like them. That’s why it’s important that we keep them healthy, because they deserve it. Aside from the regular trips to the Carney vets, we should also know the most common health problems and what to do about them. Read the list to know.  

Dog Health 

Dogs and Ear Infections 

One of the most common canine health problems are ear infections. Mostly they are caused by allergies, bacteria, ear mites, yeast and others. You can tell that they have ear infections because of the following symptoms: ear odor, head shaking, vigorous shaking, swelling of ear’s outer portion, redness of ear canal and more.  

If your dog is exhibiting the symptoms mentioned, take him/her to the veterinarian for cleaning and medication so the ear infection will be gone. However if the infection is chronic, a surgery might be needed.  

Dogs and Worms 

The common internal parasites in dogs are roundworms, tapeworms and hookworms. These worm infestations will make your dog uncomfortable and sometimes it’s fatal too especially in puppies. The dogs will experience weight loss, diarrhea, dry coat, vomiting and overall poor appearance. This is alarming so take the dog to your vet so apply the right treatment for him/her. Don’t treat your pet on your own especially if you don’t know what type of worms is infesting him.  

Hot Spots 

Another common dog health problem is the spots. Acute dermatitis is the medical term for inflamed, bare, red areas you see on your pets. It’s a skin infection that will make your dog chew or scratch his skin that will become larger if not treated right away. The location of the spot will help the vet diagnose its cause. For example, a spot at the ear is an ear problem and the spot at the hip or other parts of the bodies is caused by fleas. It can be treated by shaving the area and giving medication depending on the state of the spots.  


Do not underestimate fleas because they can turn into an infestation after 3 weeks. You’ll be surprised that your dog is infested by 1,000 biting bugs. It is a common health problem because the dogs can easily pick them up. Thankfully, they’re treatable. The symptoms are also easy to look at, like hot spots, hair loss, excessive licking, scratching and biting, flea dirt and other obvious symptoms.  

If it remained untreated, it doesn’t only make your pet uncomfortable, it also cause infections and allergic reactions that will lead to something more serious. Again, take your dog to the bet because they would know the right medicine.  


Another dog health problem is vomiting which is caused by many reasons like kidney failure, infection from parasites, poisoning and even heatstroke. The basic symptoms are drooling and abdominal heaving. Call your vet right away because dehydration is life-threatening for your dog.