What are Roller Doors? 

Roller doors must be the most common variety of garage doors. Many homeowners prefer it because it is easy to use and is offered in a manual and remote control operation. These doors are usually made from aluminum or steel and may come in different colors.  

 Roller Doors

They are called roller doors because they roll up to open and roll down to close. These doors mostly come in corrugated or ribbed design but a lot of manufacturers released different styles so far. The question now is, which material should you use for your roller door? 

How to Choose a Roller Door  

The most common type o a roller door is the steel roller doors. They are available for many decades now and if you maintain them well, they will last for many years. The only downside of this type of door is that they get dented and scratched, which may lead to corrosion.  

Aluminum is the other material used for roller doors. But while aluminum dents are easier than steel, it won’t corrode. Those who live adjacent to the sea are better off using aluminum roller doors than steel doors. However, steel roller doors are cheaper than the aluminum types. 

Are There Other Types of Garage Doors? 

There are different types of garage doors and the roller doors are the most affordable option, while still being stylish.  The two other types garage doors are the sectional and tilt or panel lift garage doors. 

  1. Tilt or Panel Lift Door 

The tilt or panel lift door comes in a single panel with a lift mechanism powered by a spring. This type of garage doors is the standard until the roller doors came around. But compared to roller doors, the panel lift type is more expensive. This type is advisable if you have not as much headroom. If your garage has little clearance, a tilt garage door might be a better choice than a roller door.  

  1. Sectional Garage Door 

This type of garage door looks stylish, maybe because they are built in sections. These sections slide back and fold up so it can be lifted. They can be used for garages with low overhead clearance as well. The materials used for this type of door include vinyl, steel, fiberglass, aluminum, and wood. 

Regardless of the type of garage door that you’ll install, what’s important is that you have enough headroom or height so that the door can roll up into a bundle. The garage should accommodate the drum, aluminum, and steel so as to open the door fully. Be sure to measure your headroom before buying roller doors. 

If you want to find the best options for your roller doors Perth, find experts who can provide you with the nicest choices. These doors can be built and custom designed according to your specifications. Custom-made garage doors are stylish and unique, which make them the best choices. Installing the right one for your home will definitely add more to its value. The ideal garage door is the one that looks good but doesn’t cost so much.