The Advantages You Have When You Do Microblading 

There are a lot of trends going on in the makeup industry, and one of the most popular is the process of ‘microblading’. Microblading is the procedure of giving you natural-looking eyebrows by tattooing your skin three inches deep. Because this tattoo is only applied superficially, it will not last forever; it will only stay for as long as two to three years. 

Microblading is a fairly new procedure, so it is justifiable that you have concerns with it, after all, we fear what we don’t know. But you should not worry because it has little to know downsides, just make sure that the artist doing it is licensed and professional. To give you more ideas about his procedure, here are the advantages you have when you do microblading. 


Saving Money

The first advantage when you opt for microblading instead of doing the traditional way of applying makeup is that you will save money. If you add up all the eyebrow products that you are using and purchasing, you will surely end up paying more. While microblading demands more money upon the procedure, you will not spend any more penny after it for about a couple of years. 

It doesn’t get discolored

One major concern of a lot of people is that they are worrying that the eyebrow tattoo with getting discolored and would turn into a color green. While this is a legit concern, you don’t have to worry about it because the pigments that are used in microblading is specifically made to avoid this issue.  

While it doesn’t get discolored, microblading would lose saturation and would fade slowly as the time goes by. This is a sign that you might have to do a microblading session soon. To make it look full and good temporarily, you can just apply your old eyebrow product into the shape of your eyebrows. It won’t take much time, and it would not be a hassle anymore because you already have a blueprint. 

Have a Natural Looking Eyebrows

Eyebrows are important to achieve harmony in anyone’s face, that is why it has been placed with so much importance lately. While many people try to achieve these beautiful eyebrows, they fail to do so because their work is sometimes lacking, too much, or disfigured. Microblading meanwhile, is invented to give full and natural looking eyebrows to anyone. Avoid these eyebrow making mistakes that can make you look funny and do microblading. 

It is hassle free

Another huge advantage of microblading is that it is hassle-free, from its application up until its expiration. It is hassle-free in the application process because it only takes about an hour and a half to complete, not to mention you will feel little to no pain on the procedure because they will apply a numbing cream. And after this application and the short healing process, you can forget about doing your eyebrows every time because it is already there and it doesn’t get smudged off, and it requires no maintenance. If you want to do microblading, contact Baltimoremicroblading.